Summer is a season of abundance.  The days are long and warm, and the markets are bursting with the freshest fruits and veggies.  Juicy cherries, sweet corn and strawberries are the greatest delights of the summer and Tin Pot Creamery has created an irresistible ice cream and ice cream sandwich with these seasonal favorites.

Cherry Corn Cream Ice Cream

Sweet cream is infused with real, organic corn and then dark, organic cherries are swirled right in.   The combination of juicy, tangy cherries with the sweet, buttery corn cream make the perfect summertime treat.
Topping/Sauce Pairing – Toasted Almonds and/or Chocolate Sprinkles

Sweet Corn Cookie & Oya Farm Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

Oya Farm Strawberry Ice Cream is nestled between two of our home baked, sweet and buttery corn cookies.  This is a delightful blend of creamy strawberry and crunchy corn bread flavors.