Yes, it’s still peak ice cream season. But, from Smitten’s liquid nitrogen–churned salted caramel ice cream to Mitchell’s and Garden Creamery’s tropical flavors, it’s really always ice cream season here. Amidst stiff competition, here’s the scoop on our 11 very best Bay Area ice cream shops.

A standout small-batch Palo Alto ice cream parlor from a former pastry chef at Facebook, selling baked goods and scoops in several gourmet flavors. Tin Pot’s four Peninsula and South Bay locations also serve some of the Bay Area’s best vegan ice cream options.

Must-order: Four Barrel coffee with cocoa nib toffee; salted butterscotch; peanut butter fudge brownie
Go crazy!: Tin Pot’s sweet and salty namesake sundae pairs a gooey brownie with salted butterscotch ice cream and tops both with a hard chocolate shell.